foot mounted hoist

The common foot-mounted hoist has a basic mounting arrangement so that it can easily be affixed to an existing trolley, a raised platform, or suspended from above. With 5 different hoist drum configurations and multiple reeving configurations, the Munck foot-mounted hoist offers a vast array of options for all of your height of lift requirements.

We’re a Foot-Mounted Rail Hoist manufacturing company that proudly provides a versatile lifting solution designed to meet a spectrum of industrial needs. Available in capacities ranging from 0 to 5 tonnes, this hoist ensures precision and reliability in lifting operations. The hoist itself boasts capacities extending up to 25 tonnes, making it a comprehensive solution for various industrial applications.

Continuing our commitment to innovation and meeting diverse industrial requirements, Krano Cranes introduces an extended range of Foot-Mounted Rail Hoists. The new models further expand the hoist’s capabilities, now reaching capacities of up to an impressive 50 tonnes. This enhancement broadens the scope of applications, providing a reliable lifting solution for even more demanding scenarios.

The design of the Foot-Mounted Rail Hoist emphasizes flexibility and customization. With M5 (FEM 2m) duty rating available for all popular capacities, and options for M6 (FEM 3m) or M7 (FEM 4m) in most capacities, users have the freedom to choose duty classifications that align with their specific operational needs. This adaptability is further enhanced by three basic frame sizes, each offering multiple options for motor power, gearbox ratio, drum length, and the number of falls of rope. This variety provides users with maximum flexibility in selecting hoist speeds, duty classifications, and lifting heights.

Krano Cranes’ Foot-Mounted Rail Hoist is not just a lifting solution; it’s a commitment to empowering businesses with the tools they need for efficient and precise material handling. With its expanded capacities, customizable features, and adaptability to various duty classifications, this hoist is engineered to elevate your lifting operations to new heights.

Krano Crane’s Foot-Mounted Rail Hoist stands out as a versatile and customizable lifting solution, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industry. Whether you require precision lifting for smaller loads or a robust solution for heavier applications, our hoist delivers the flexibility and reliability you need to optimize your material handling processes. Trust us for lifting solutions that go beyond expectations.

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